TDN cover page update

In May 2018 the mosaic titled We are all Unique was installed by Connor Heath and the Huntingdon Area High School staff. The mosaic installed made the cover of our local newspaper, The Daily News. The story also shared information about the 2018 SPBI Grant.

Inviting Creative Play and Reading

Project: Inviting Creative Play and Reading Funded: $500 Submitted by: Sarah Worley UPDATE Fall 2017: Sarah has recently gained permission from the Weis Market and the Huntingdon Borough to work on her project. She is also working with a Juniata Studio Arts Students and Faculty to develop the mural. Sarah has received enough materials to build … Continue reading Inviting Creative Play and Reading

Andrews Benches

Project: Andrews Benches Funded: $500 Submitted by: Beth Williams Proposed: Seating area at the Portstown Park Skate Park UPDATE: Beth has completed her seating area project at the skate park. She worked with the Huntingdon Career and Technology Center faculty and students to build the bench in addition to the borough to seek proper permission for the … Continue reading Andrews Benches

We Are All Unique Mosaic

Project: We Are All Unique Mosaic Funded: $500 Submitted by: Erin Shaffer, Huntingdon Area High School Art Teacher and Connor Heath, Art Student Proposed: Mosaic to be located at the Huntingdon Area High School front entrance UPDATE: Connor has completed his mosaic windows in May of 2018. Conner worked on his large mosaic from home with … Continue reading We Are All Unique Mosaic

Historical Blair Park

Project: Historical Blair Park Funded: $650 Submitted by: Julie Peoples Proposed: Considered Huntingdon’s Hidden Treasure, Blair Park garden cleanup, signage, heirloom plants to be updated for the Huntingdon Park & Road Association with assistance from the Master Gardeners of Huntingdon County. UPDATE: Julie has completed her SPBI Grant proposal. The project worked with the Huntingdon Park … Continue reading Historical Blair Park

Boro Park Beautification

Project: Boro Park Beautification Funded: $500 Submitted by: Linda Goodman Proposed: Work with Boy scout Troop 28 of Huntingdon to cleanup and beautify the park across from Laneys Feedmill. UPDATE: Linda has completed her SPBI Grant proposal. The cleanup was completed in the spring of 2016 with the Huntingdon Boy Scout Troop 28. The troop built … Continue reading Boro Park Beautification

Walk Huntingdon

Project: Walk Huntingdon Funded: $250 Submitted by: Pam Grugan Proposed: Purchase and install permanent signage around Huntingdon to encourage walking. UPDATE: Pam has completed her SPBI Grant proposal. The Walk Huntingdon signs are up around town being utilized by locals and tourists visiting the area. Pam is now working on researching options for “Bike Huntingdon” signage for … Continue reading Walk Huntingdon