SPBI Grant

The Small Projects Big Ideas Grant is focused on community driven needs in Huntingdon County. Projects that meet grant requirements will be shared with a team of local donors and ReInvision Huntingdon Board members. This group will make the final selection to decide which project receives funding. 100% of local donations go directly to the grant recipient. If you are interested in being a donor please email hello@reinvision.org. Visit reinvision.org/grantguidelines/ for Grant Guidelines.

2018 SPBI Grant

A total of $1,000 was funded for the third year of the Small Projects Big Ideas Grant in 2018.

Project: Reading Garden, at the Huntingdon County Library

Funded: $500
Submitted by: Lisa Erickson
Lisa proposed to create a reading garden with seating for children and adults, and a special storytellers chair.

Project: Small Business Support: revitalize the Clifton 5 Theater

Funded: $500
Submitted by: Amber Newby
Amber proposed to revitalize the entrance to the historic Clifton 5 Theater with a fresh coat of paint and newly updated lettering.

2017 SPBI Grant 

A total of $500 was funded for the second year of the Small Projects Big Ideas Grant in 2017.

Project: Inviting Creative Play and Reading

Funded: $500
Submitted by: Sarah Worley
Sarah proposed to create a public mural project around the concrete platform in Weaver Park behind the Huntingdon Weis Market and paint it to look like a stage in order to invite dramatic and creative play in that space where children are already. The second part of the project is to build a “Little Free Library” in that same park to encourage and invite reading to children on the benches and acting out of stories on the stage.

UPDATE Fall 2017: Sarah gained permission from the Weis Market and the Huntingdon Borough to work on her project. She worked with a Juniata Studio Arts student and faculty to develop and paint the mural. Sarah has enough materials to build the Little Free Library and has installed one at Weaver Park and a second LFL at the Huntingdon Community Food Garden!

2016 SPBI Grant 

A total of $750 was funded for the first Small Projects Big Ideas Grant in March of 2016. Two projects were selected for the first round of the community-focused grant. Three additional rounds of projects were funded in the first year. 

Project: Andrews Benches

Funded: $500
Submitted by: Beth Williams
Proposed:  Seating area at the Portstown Park Skate Park
UPDATE: Beth has completed her seating area project at the skate park. She worked with the Huntingdon Career and Technology Center faculty and students to build the bench in addition to the borough to seek proper permission for the seating area.

Project: We Are All Unique Mosaic

Funded: $500
Submitted by: Erin Shaffer, Huntingdon Area High School Art Teacher, and Connor Heath, Art Student
Proposed: Mosaic to be located at the Huntingdon Area High School front entrance
UPDATE: Connor completed his mosaic windows in May of 2018. Conner worked on his large mosaic from home with the guidance of his Huntingdon Area High School art teacher Mrs. Erin Shaffer. The mosaic was recently installed on the front entry window of the Huntingdon Area High School gymnasium.

Project: Historical Blair Park

Funded: $650
Submitted by: Julie Peoples
Proposed: Considered Huntingdon’s Hidden Treasure, Blair Park garden cleanup, signage, heirloom plants to be updated for the Huntingdon Park & Road Association with assistance from the Master Gardeners of Huntingdon County.
UPDATE: Julie has completed her SPBI Grant proposal. The project worked with the Huntingdon Park and Road Association and the Huntingdon County Master Gardeners. A sign has been installed at the entrance of Blair Park in addition to perennials that are kept by the volunteers of the park.

Project: Boro Park Beautification

Funded: $500
Submitted by: Linda Goodman
Proposed: Work with Boy Scout Troop 28 of Huntingdon to cleanup and beautify the park across from Laneys Feedmill.
UPDATE: Linda has completed her SPBI Grant proposal. The cleanup was completed in the spring of 2016 with the Huntingdon Boy Scout Troop 28. The troop built new benches and picnic tables in addition to working on the general cleanup of brush, trees, and weeds.

Project: Walk Huntingdon

Funded: $250
Submitted by: Pam Grugan
Proposed: Purchase and install permanent signage around Huntingdon to encourage walking.
UPDATE: Pam has completed her SPBI Grant proposal. The Walk Huntingdon signs are up around town being utilized by locals and tourists visiting the area. Pam is now working on researching options for “Bike Huntingdon” signage for our local cycling enthusiasts.