Nick Miller

You were asked to join the ReInvision Huntingdon board. Why do you feel you are a good fit?

I am an activist/active community member that is tied to a variety of projects, initiatives, and social groups.

What do you bring to the organization?

Energy, articulation, and experience.

What is your profession and why did you choose this profession?

I am a farmer/musician/soccer coach; I chose these professions because I love them.

What is your favorite volunteering experience? How did/does this experience change you?

My favorite volunteering experience was my time spent farming and building across India and Thailand. This experience changed my sense of the world and opened me up to extremely different ideas/cultures; it also sent me on the path to becoming a farmer and an activist.

Why do you choose to live/work in Huntingdon?

Honestly, I never expected to be living here; and it really wasn’t a choice. I chose to stay because it’s home and always will be.

As an organization if we were to choose ONE project to work on for the year, what do you wish it would it be?

Well the Community Garden, of course.

How would you like to positively impact our community? What do you want to see happen here? What is your ideal Huntingdon?

I would like to see more people come together to help each other out and stimulate a better community and local economy. I would like to see more people growing their own food, shopping locally, and getting involved in community/educational initiatives. My ideal Huntingdon is a sustainable and more tightly knit community.

Are there any additional comments you would like to include?

Something I would like to work more on in the future are educational programs; i.e. linking the schools with the Community Garden, developing outdoor after school programs, having more gardening workshops, etc.