Courtney Lang

You were asked to join the ReInvision Huntingdon board. Why do you feel you are a good fit?

I feel that I am a good fit because I am committed to the mission of ReInvision Huntingdon as a business owner in the Huntingdon area and a mother of two young girls who will benefit from our revitalization efforts.

What do you bring to the organization?

I have experience with assisting non-profit organizations with staying compliant with federal and state tax obligations, as well as creating financial reports that the board of directors can utilize to make the best informed financial and operational decisions.

What is your profession and why did you choose this profession?

I am a partner at a local public accounting firm. I chose this profession because it intersects the four important pillars I feel are essential to a happy successful life: I love what I do, I am good at what I do, I am paid a reasonable salary for what I do, and the world needs what I do!

What is your favorite volunteering experience? How did/does this experience change you?

My favorite volunteering experience is working with the Huntingdon Rotary Club every year for our annual BBQ to benefit the Huntingdon Community Center. I enjoy working long hours with fellow Rotarians to package up the food. I also enjoy serving the local community as they drive through to pick up their BBQ. It is rewarding to know our efforts help positively impact the Huntingdon Community Center and their awesome programs. This experience changes me each year by strengthening my belief that Huntingdon is an amazing place to live, and rejuvenates my gratitude.

Why do you choose to live/work in Huntingdon?

My husband was born and raised in Huntingdon. I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire and after living in State College, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh I decided I want to plant my roots in Huntingdon. I love the small town feel and know that Huntingdon is and will be a wonderful place to raise my children.

As an organization if we were to choose ONE project to work on for the year, what do you wish it would it be?

I want to make downtown Huntingdon more attractive to shoppers and students at Juniata. I would like to encourage more activities and events to take place in Huntingdon by beautifying downtown with murals and attractive landscaping. Somehow we need to fill in the empty storefronts and encourage stores to keep longer hours so more people can utilize and shop at their stores!

How would you like to positively impact our community? What do you want to see happen here? What is your ideal Huntingdon?

I want my girls to grow up being proud of their hometown. Huntingdon has so much that many small towns do not: a movie theater, a hospital, a college! I want to work with other organizations to retain and improve these awesome amenities and others.