About Us

Our mission is to facilitate community development by creating a positive atmosphere to share ideas and to strengthen our community through project-based revitalization.

A local revitalization organization, ReInvision Huntingdon works with the community to identify and execute projects based on community input. Dedicated to the belief that conversation ignites change, we focus our initiatives on community input.

The purpose of ReInvision Huntingdon is:
– To facilitate community development by creating a positive atmosphere.
– To create opportunities for partnerships with local constituents.
– To strengthen our community through project based revitalization and stabilization initiatives.
– To identify and provide educational programming related to our mission.

Our initiatives vary throughout the year focusing on the needs of the community. Our projects encourage:
– Partnerships with other organizations
– Community input, participatory idea sharing
– Individual expression of ideas
– Positive opportunities for volunteering on visible projects

In the next 30 years, ReInvision Huntingdon hopes to create united organizations, community members, politicians, and communities through a collaborative process, rooted in revitalization.